Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where I want to be!

 I think I have read most of the comments from There are things I don't say  by Stitched in Color. It is all about being honest. After having read them, I feel much better about myself as a quilter. What I mean by that is there is such a huge spectrum of opinions of what people think about quilting, how can you/I be wrong in what we want to do.  A lot of things that I have done were not things that people thought were okay. I am okay with that. I know my situation and I make time to quilt within the limitations that I have. I am doing what I love and sharing my love with others. I have done some thinking about what direction I want to take my quilting in, and I think I have found something that would make me very happy. I just have some research to do.

For the things I don't say : I participate in the Friday Night Sew-In, sometimes it becomes Friday afternoon sew-in or Saturday morning sew-in. It all depends how tired I am, and how much attention my children want which most of the time is a lot. There is my big confession!

Now for where I want to be:

I would like to be at this house. Reason? I was doing some searching for quilting items at a classifieds website and this house is "LOCATED ON A QUILT STREET". Who would not want to live on a quilt street? Seriously, I want to continue to be inspired by you, to read your posts, to be jealous of your creativity, to cheer on your successes and help you when you're down. Keep doing what you do, and continuing being yourselves, you are amazing! Your honesty will shine through!



Das Quiltmonster said...

Hope there are enough rooms for two: I would like to live in that little house too!!!

Michele Pacey said...

I think the bottom line is to be happy with what you are doing and honest with yourself about what that is. And it sounds to me that you are doing that. Good for you!

Mary-Kay said...
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Mary-Kay said...

I read that post too and commented. I can't believe how much conversation that post generated, not only on her blog but on others as well. It was interesting and I read all the comments and actually posted one myself. Anyway, I want to move on to the "Quilt Street" too. Imagine all your neighbours being quilters? Wouldn't that make it great when you run out of thread at 2 in the morning and you could go raid your neighbour's stash for some? My kind of 'hood! Sorry,I deleted the first comment. I should check for typos before posting.

Karen said...

Hi Michelle, Just visiting from the Quilt Festival. Love the idea of this house being on Quilt Street - what fun!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Any houses left on Quilt Street??? I am moving in too!
And I agree with your comments. I too, sew what makes me happy! :)