Thursday, February 13, 2020

One Sock

I finished the first of a new sock for myself. Now that I have the understanding of the basic sock pattern I like trying out new patterns to it. For the first time I decided to try a different coloured toe. I like how it turned out. This one came together quickly. For some reason I always find the second one harder to start but I have started the second one and it came together more easily than before.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Tannenbaum Block 3

I got my third Tannenbaum block done. I am very happy as I checked all the measurements and it is the size it is suppose to be even with all the seams. The pattern is very well written and easy to follow. On to Block 4!

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Friday, January 31, 2020


For Christmas,  I had ordered myself  Tannenbaum, a beautiful pattern and its pre-cut fabric quilt kit from Laundry Basket Quilts. Unfortunately there was an issue with the shipping and I received it a month after Christmas on January 25. It came in a beautiful box and each block was was put in its own baggie.

 I have never ordered a pre-cut kit. It feel like a huge indulgence. I was excited to start on it right away and I got a couple of the blocks done.

I have started working on the third block now. It is fun just sewing and not having to worry about anything else.

Monday, January 27, 2020


Image result for finish 

I usually choose One Word for the Year, and this year the word is Finish. I really want to finish what I have started. I have so many projects that are almost completed, that get set aside for one reason or the other and this year is their year! I have reorganized my quilting room and I am ready to begin.

The first finish I have for the year is my hexagon place mat.  I started it on my retreat in November and decided that I did not want to wait until next Christmas to get it done. I am so happy that it is done, and I have a spot to keep it all year round.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Quilting Retreats 2019

Quilting retreats are very creative and very tiring all at the same time. For two weekends in November,  I was on quilting retreats. I used the time to figure out some of my long term UFOs and to work on some Christmas projects.

 I managed to finish up most of the borders on my daughter's quilt. I have one side left to do. The border fabric was bought at a Quilt Guild meeting. This will be a bed-sized quilt for my daughter and I will be thrilled when it is done. I am hoping that she will be able to come with me to the retreat next year and work on her own quilts.

I sewed all the blocks together for my Stolen Kisses quilt. I am pleased with how it turned out even if I found it frustrating at times.

At a quilt retreat a few years ago one of the quilters was making the Charm Star Quilt Pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Co. I really liked it and knew I had some charm packs at home. The fabric I have is Merry and Bright by Sandy Gervais. It had a lot of snowflakes in the fabric so I decided to make a snowflake in the place of the star. I found great Snowflake patterns from Canuck Quilter Designs. The instructions were very well written and very easy to follow. I do enjoy paper piecing and this one was great to do. I have to add on some borders and then it will be done. I have a few other wintery charm packs and I am thinking of redoing this quilt with a blue background this time for the snowflake.

This is a small table runner/centrepiece that I played around with. I tried out hexagons and looked at various patterns to come up with something. It still needs to be worked on.

I am looking forward to finishing these projects in 2020! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2019

Christmas Socks

I managed to finish socks for my husband a couple of days after Christmas. I could call it a New Year's Eve gift. It was nice to have an excuse to sit down and rest for a bit because I really wanted to get them done for the Holiday. Since starting the socks I have bought some more sock yarn and I am going to look for new patterns to make some for myself. Accomplishments always feel good.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday Stash

A few weekends ago, I went on a Quilt Safari with my quilt guild. It was fun to visit shops that I had never been to. I had a shopping list and I did well at checking things off the list.

My LQS had run out of a fabric that I thought would work well as a background fabric. I also bought some fabric to make pyjamas with my daughter, and some fabric that I am thinking of for borders or backing.

One of the stores had a scrap bag of reds, and I have a couple of quilts that I am be collecting reds for, so it was a great find. I also find some more fabric for my landscape quilt and then some cute odd and ends fat quarters.

It was a wonderful day with other quilters. The only problem was seeing their beautiful fabrics and projects that they were working on had me wanting to work on those projects too. I will just have to enjoy them when they bring the completed projects to the Guild Meetings.