Monday, July 19, 2021

Design Wall Monday - Pretty in Pink



My daughter is making me a quilt and she worked on it today. It is a similar pattern to one that she made a few years ago for herself. Most of the fabric came from a LQS who hosts a Christmas in July usually each year. They have bins of fabrics that you can stuff into bags and these fabrics came from ones that my daughter picked out from those bins. It is great to watch her progress and increased aptitude with quilting. I really like her design eye. She got most of the blocks done today. She is going to lay it out next and see if I want it bigger.  I am looking forward to getting to cuddle under this, hopefully soon.

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AnnieO said...

How fun! Both of my (grown girls) know how to sew, but neither do now. I'll have to teach my grandsons...

Judy Hansen said...

Beautiful fabrics, and the arrangement of the blocks adds so much. Your daughter has artistic talents.