Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Little Quilt that Could

I have been in a slump for the past two months. I got quite sick in March for a few weeks and then my daughter was sick. Lots of things were going on, and quilting fell to the wayside. I also read quite a bit about the "dumbing down of quilting" and it made me question my own quilting and quilting ability. Barb's words about it put me back on the right track and I must thank her for that.

This quilt also helped me pick up speed. In actuality it was my son. I finished this quilt and gave it to my new nephew on Easter. My son was so excited about giving the quilt to him. I explained to him that we would have to give the quilt to his parents ; a baby would not be able to hold a quilt. We gave it to my sister-in-law ; she looked at it and then put it away. My son was still insistent, so he sat in a chair, holding his cousin and I put the quilt over the two of them. It was such a beautiful and pure moment and reminded me why I make quilts and to take pride in what I do. I named the quilt Going Places which is the same name as the vehicle fabric.

I also finished the quilt for my husband's cousin's daughter. This one I called Roses are red, Violets are blue. The back is roses fabric. It is definitely time for a new camera. This also got dropped off at Easter time but my husband's cousin was not there. Hopefully, he will like it.

Thanks to my son and the little quilt that could I am ready to get back into quilting.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pay It Forward

 I signed up last year for Terry's Pay It Forward. I received this gorgeous tablerunner and some fat quarters. I love the softness of the colours she chose and I am having a hard time deciding where I want to put it. It would look perfect in so many places in my home.

Now, I need 3 people to sign up for my Pay It Forward. I will make something and send it to you. Then you in turn will make something handmade for 3 other people, and so on. You have a year to make your gift, and you must have an active blog to participate in this Pay It Forward. Please leave a comment on this post if you wish to take part.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday

My dh has been using my daughter's quilt a lot lately while watching tv. He likes it because it is a lap size rather than his twin size Double Irish chain. This could cause some tension, but luckily as a quilter, I am thrilled when someone wants a quilt. He really liked the one I made for my brother at Christmas, so I decided to make him one.

I have one more square to fill in and then I will be able sew the blocks together. It will be 48 x 60 when finished. His birthday and Father's Day are coming up so he will get it for one of those occasions. Check out what other people have made for Design Wall Monday!