Monday, May 26, 2014

Easily Fixed!

Woodland Trails

Well, I got my Woodland Trails quilt fixed and sent off to the quilter's this weekend. It is made from Jaybird Quilts' Northern Light pattern.  I had put in one row slanting the wrong way, and only realized when I went to cut the sides to make it a rectangle. I thought that I may have to take out all the rows after it, but I only had to take out the one row, and then sew it to the end. I am so thrilled with it. My son nudged me to get it done because it is for his Cub Scout leader who has been a big part of his life for the past few years. I was happy to oblige him.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day Quilt Show

 My very own quilt show

My husband and children planned a huge surprise for me. My daughter had wanted us to go to a quilt show, for Mother's Day but the nearest one was a few hours away and we weren't going to have time to do it and have supper with her grandparents. They came up with the idea instead of having a quilt show at our house with me as the quilter of honour. My son came out for a walk with me, which is my favourite thing to do, and while we were gone my husband and daughter set it up. They strung some line in our family room, front foyer and kitchen and put up a lot of the quilts. There were 14 in the show. They made a sign for the front door, and charged an admission of $5. My son had the $5 hidden in his shoe, so that he could pay for me. There were gloves available at the front table, and we were told not to touch the quilts unless we had a glove on. After the tour was complete, they also had the lunch room, which is my daughter's favourite part.  We had egg salad sandwiches in the tea room, along with ice cream for dessert because the quilt shows always have dessert. I was completely blown away, touched and shocked by all they had done. They decided not to award a best in show, because every quilt was the best. Definitely, the most wonderful Mother's Day ever. I told my husband he won't get it as good for Father's Day. I was amazed at how much my children had paid attention to all of the details of a quilt show and remembered all of them. They have been going to them since they were babies, so they are veterans by now.