Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Finish

I participated in a mini quilt swap at Dandelion Quilts. Now that my partner, Cheryl of Polka Dots and Rick Rack has gotten her quilt, I can show you the quilt I did for her. She said she was game for anything. My first thought of course was I need to buy polka dot fabric. I had some at home, and bought some at a quilt store with my dh. I disguised a nice luncheon with him at a restaurant in the plaza where the quilt store is, as a way to get some fabric too. It is harder for me to go to the quilt stores because they are never open in the evenings. He is excellent at choosing fabrics, so he was a great help. Then I had to decide on a pattern. I decided I wanted to try the mountains again. I always wondered on cooking contest shows, why the person who had failed at a dish, would make some similar type of dish for the next challenge. Now, I understood that it was for redemption. I decided to make a 4 1/2 wide mountain, and when I put the two of them together it became 8 1/2 inches. Suddenly, I had a light bulb moment When I did DQS12, my New York Beauty was 8 1/2 inches but I could not figure out what I wanted to go with it, so I ended up putting it aside. Now, I could make another New York Beauty, and redemption would be mine twice over! I was originally going to but 9 patches in the corner but then realized the length was 6 inch, not 6 1/2 so I ended up making a 4 patch. Enough with the description, here is the final quilt.

Sunshine on my Shoulder

New York Beauty

I so love it, and it is one of my favourite quilts I have made. I named it Sunshine on my Shoulder. I am linking up to TGIFF being hosted at Quilt Matters today.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Basket

I got the basket Saturday from the quilt store and it was well worth the drive. I found out the number of spools was 1113, and I had guessed 1111. My daughter's reward for having a great favourite number, was getting some buttons. It's a great store, and of course I had to look around for a bit.

They were selling the laminate fabric I have heard and seen so much about so I got some of that.

They also had some great watermelon pincushions on display so I got a kit to make those too. It is really hard to go into a quilt store and not want to buy everything. Now, as always I need to find the time to make these things!