Friday, June 28, 2013

Goodbye Friday

I got my goodbye gifts done. They were well received, which is always a nice feeling.

Boxy pouch

This was fun to make. I tried a stiffer interfacing than the last one I made. It was a bit more difficult to work with, but I love how it turned out. One of the things I love about making things is how personalized you can make it.


The pillowcase turned out really well too. My son picked out all the fabrics. He has a good eye for it. I was so conscious about it being a directional fabric and I was so happy when it turned out because it was going straight up and done. I forgot of course, that it would be turned on its side, so now the flowers are going sideways.

I am happy to have this Goodbye Friday over with and done. Linking up to Finish it Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts, TGIFF and Can I Get a Whoop, Whoop.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


There are moments that you wait for.  The ones where everything clicks at once. Last weekend I had that moment and it was wonderful. On Saturday, I went out to my LQS to pick up a few brown solids that would go with the quilt I was making for my friend's soon to be grandson. Then I went to the library to pick up a quilting book that I had on hold.

It is called. I was perusing quilting books in the library catalogue last week and I saw this one. It looked interesting, it had an owl on the cover, and my daughter really likes owls. I brought it home, opened it up and saw the most amazing quilt.


The dog was so cute, and my friend loves dog. I was so excited that I went through my stash, and I had everything I needed to make the quilt. This is a complete stash project. I love brown and happen to have a lot of brown fabrics. The background fabric was originally a backing for another quilt. I had bought it with a quilt kit years ago, but when it came I did not like it so I set it aside. It was perfect for this quilt. I showed my husband all the fabrics, and I told him that I was a bit embarrassed that it all came from my stash. He told me that, that is what stashes are for! What a great guy! It turned out that I need 3 shades of solid browns for the quilt. I had just bought two of them and had a third at home.


I got working on the quilt right away, and had the blocks finished Sunday. Now I need to  make the tail, and sew them together. It was a wonderful project to work on.

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Monday, June 17, 2013


This is the time of year that I love and hate. It is the end of school, time to be with my children but also time to say goodbye to some good friends and teachers. I took some time this weekend to sort out some hello and goodbye projects. My LQS were having a Shop Hop, so I went to a couple of them and picked up what I needed. I am getting much better at buying only what I need, which is better for me, but maybe not as much fun!

This is a hello project for a baby to be born in September.

 This is a goodbye/thank you pillowcase for a wonderful teacher.

This will become a boxy bag for a good friend who is leaving for hopefully greener pastures.

The goodbyes are always hard to say but I always finding that creating helps me through the process. It is also always fun to have new projects to think about rather than those UFOs hanging around!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Rainbow Bright

 Rainbow Bright

I got my Bright Stripes finished and I love it! When I initially bought the kit years ago, I was a bit concerned because it came with pink rather than red. A blue, red, yellow and green quilt seemed great for a boy, but I was not sure if a pink, blue, yellow and green quilt would be good for a girl. I am happy with how it turned out, and it will be going to a sweet baby.

 Warm Socks

 I am also so happy that I finally got these socks done! It was my birthday gift to myself to get them completed which I did today. I decided for my birthday I wanted to work on something for someone else. These socks are for my sister.  Now I get to move up a difficulty level with a new sock pattern and some new yarn. I find yarn to be as addicting as fabric! I had a wonderful lunch and afternoon with an amazing, incredible friend who I feel so blessed to know, and tonight I am having dinner with my incredible family. A great day for sure, and I did not even mind all the rain we had today.

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