Christmas Through The Year

Christmas Hot Pad

I got my Christmas Through The Year hot pad done on Sunday. I love how it turned out. I used a new to me method of sewing the binding onto the back, then pressing it done in the front and sewing it done with a decorative stitch. I chose the same stitch that I had used for the rest of the quilting and it worked well as it was a flowing stitch rather than a straight stitch. I just had one problem almost right at the end where some of the backing stitch was showing through ; I had not pressed the binding done far enough. It was a tiny section, so I picked it out, redid it and it's done! Now on to the next one! Check out what others have done for Christmas Through The Year!


CitricSugar said…
That's pretty cool! I never would've thought of using a decorative stitch to secure a binding.

Lovely work!
Cheryl said…
So cute....the decorative stitch is wonderful.
Quilt Hollow said…
I have a friend who loves to do her binding like sure adds to the quilt doesn't it? Congrats on a finish!!
Cheryl said…
I have never done a binding that way. Great hot pad!
Wonderful hot pad...I've never tried to bind that way.
Ariane said…
It looks great!! Nice job!!
Sisbabestitches said…
I would never have thought to quilt and bind with a decorative stitch, it looks so great, clever you.
What a fun idea to use the decorative stitching for the quilting. I need to whip up some of these too. They make such great gifts.
Betty Lou said…
Another Christmas gift finished, Thank you for sharing your binding tip.

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