Binding, basting and quilting! (Not necessarily in that order)

I thought I had better start showing some photos of my WIP. I have gotten so many amazing things lately, that it looks like I don't sew anymore! This weekend I took the time to work on projects promised for the end of April - my Christmas Through The Year and my UFO Challenge.

Christmas Hot Pad

For my Christmas Through the Year, I decided to make a Hot Pad. This block is left over from Christmas Rose quilt. The way the pattern was written you make one extra block. Rather than putting it on the back, I decided to use it in this way. I used one of my leaf stitches for the quilting.  I used Spray Basting to baste it. One of the things I have learned when making it is to make sure I have enough thread on the spool. I thought there would be enough but there was not. I was almost done, so I used the bobbin thread at the top and put in a similar coloured bobbin at the bottom. I can barely see the difference.

Tulip Table Runner

I also quilt and bound my Tulip Table Runner which is my UFO Challenge for the month of April. I had a lot of fun with this one. My son helped me pick out the thread. He chose a pink variegated thread which works really well. This one I pin baste. It was also my first time binding angles other than 90 degrees. I found a great tutorial from Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka's Treasures.


I love the leaf stitches, they look so unique! The tulip table runner is sooo adorable! :)
Ariane said…
Your projects look great!! Love the decorative quilting!!
Michele Pacey said…
the tulip runner is very pretty. Nice finish!
Cheryl said…
Wow, great projects!! Way to get things done. I am so excited to be your mini swap partner!!!!

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