Monday, April 2, 2012


My DQS12 quilt is done, and I am very grateful. It was a long process and a reminder to me of why I stopped swapping. No issues with the swap, just my stress levels at trying to make it as perfect as I can, especially since it is going to another quilter. I can see all of my flaws and issues, and feel as though they will too. I took a photo of the back of the quilt when I was finished, but forgot that I had not yet taken a photo of the front.

I am also grateful to have received this postcard from Leslie of MarveLes Art Studios . It is so beautiful. She does amazing work. A lot of my guild's members have made postcards. While I have dabbled in it a bit, I have never completed one myself.

To keep my motivation going, I am joining Amy's One Week, One Thing Challenge. I have a Pay It Forward that I need to finish. I also need to make some things for my guild's boutique show.


Lesly said...

I hear you about the stress level in swaps - all I could see in mine when I was finished were the flaws - although I wouldn't care if it were just staying home with me. However, your swap quilt is gorgeous! Those blues! I'm sure your partner will be thrilled with it!

Vicki said...

Lovely quilt, we are our worst critics aren't we....Your partner will be thrilled and that postcard is fab!! I had to back off on swaps due to stress myself so I can relate.

Vicki said...
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