Who knew the look of frustration could look so good? Tuesday, I was absolutely frustrated with my Doll Quilt. I had some nice compliments on what I was working on, but I was not happy with it. I kept changing my mind all weekend about what I wanted which is part of the reason I worked on my Love Is instead. Tuesday night, I decided I had enough, and started something completely different. I went to my first love, the Dresden Plate. Once I had it sewn together, I put it on my turquoise Kona cotton and an AHA moment happened. I was reminded of a school trip I had taken this year to an art museum with my daughter. One of the things that was talked about was positive versus negative space. The children got to paint 2 pictures using this technique. I started thinking about using the turquoise as the background, and everything fell into place, I hope. I started working again on my Doll Quilt this morning, and I am thrilled so far. The Dresden Plate, I have set aside and will use it for something else.


CitricSugar said…
You gotta love eureka moments...
Michele Pacey said…
Those moments are the best!... Love the dresden!
thanks for stopping by....your dresden is very pretty....
I really like how it turned out, hope you'll finish it to be something pretty!

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