Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not my WIP Wednesday

No, this is not my Work In Progress Wednesday. It is my son's. On the Easter weekend he decided he wanted to do some sewing for me. Looking through my UFO's I found a couple that were good for him to work on.

He did a lot of the sashing squares for my Dresden Plate and Christmas Presents quilt. After that, he still wanted to do more, so I got out my Christmas Block squares.

He chose the arrangement for them, and sewed the first two rows together. He was so pleased to have gotten me so much farther ahead, and his 1/4 inch seam is very good.

April Showers

In all fairness to my daughter, who declared that she had only made one small doll quilt, I reminded her that she had picked the pattern, fabric and arrangement of the fabric for this quilt we made for her a few years ago. That seemed to make her feel better.

I am linking to WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread Network.


M-R Charbonneau said...

That's awesome that your son stepped in like that! I have a few WIPs that he could help with... :)

CitricSugar said...

That's pretty cool! It's nice to see young men taking up the scissors and pedal.

Barb said...

That is awesome that you had help. That snowman block looks so familiar!

Regina said...

Jealous here: my kids just made more WIPs for me to finish. :-)

Andrea said...

Well, you know how I feel when my son wants to sew... ;-) I think it's awesome!

Mary Ann Tate said...

My son took sewing one year at school...the boys learned to knit, crochet and sew and the girls did wood work and built a table. I thought it was a great idea:)