Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring to Finish

Well, Spring to Finish is over and I think I have done pretty well considering I did not do any quilting for the 1st two weeks of April. I always have a hard time balancing, between family, housework, quilting and everything else. I got my rainbow swap done and made a table runner for my mother. I finally finished my Spring Meadow top, which I am definitely keeping for myself. I put the binding on my daughter's quilt and just have a little bit left of it to sew. I was too tired last night to finish it. I cut off the excess backing and batting from my husband's quilt, so now I can start working on the binding. I organized and started sewing my moutain mystery quilt which I am going to use for my leader and enders. I have my bright stripes quilt worked out. The pattern called for 4 inch Triangles on a roll. I have 3 inch triangles on a roll at home. I went to my local quilt stores and none of them had it. One store did have though a great fabric for a border. I have decided to use up my 3 inch triangles and add a border instead. I have had a mantra for a while now, that I have everything I need, now use it. I have found that it is really been helping me. So, in the end officially for the challenge I have one project done, but I know I have done so much more.

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