Friday, May 15, 2009

I need help!

I am working on my 9 patch quilt along with AmandaJean. I have only 7 done and by Sunday I should have 21 done. Last weekend I bought a charm pack because I was not happy with some of the scraps I had. I do have fat quarters that I like.I want to turn it into a double size quilt for my daughter so I wanted some new fabrics that would suit her and I like the idea of added variety. I love the charm pack idea. The only problem I realized is that I can only get 4 squares out of each one, so I can't do a complete 9 patch with them. Yesterday I read Red Pepper Quilts blog and I love what she is doing. She is making the 9 patch completely scrappy and having a white centre as the middle. I really like it and it would solve my problem of the charm pack. So here is where I need help. Is it copying if I do something similar to hers? I would still use only 2 fabrics in each square but have white as the centre. I have done 2 quilts that have used the similar floating technique and I really like both of them. I would use my 7 squares to make a doll quilt. Please let me know what you think.


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Here is what I would do I would email amadajean and ask if white in the center is ok, we often get ideas from others, so I would also wright red pepper saying how much you love them and would she mind if you did something like that, then no worries.

Myra said...

Hey! We all get ideas and inspirations from each other! 8-)

The use of white in the center of Amandajean's 9-Patches is just a choice, her choice, not a pattern.

Do what you want with your blocks! Put white in the center if it pleases you, or red, blue, green, yellow, whatever!?!

It is your creation, your quilt, go for it!!! There is no quilt police that could charge you! 8-)

Happy stitchings! 8-)

Michelle said...


Amy - Park City Girl said...

I say go for it too! Inspiration is everywhere :)