Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fabulous Meeting

Well, I just came back from my quilt guild meeting and I had a fabulous time. We had a guest speaker who has many incredible quilting talents also collects purses. She brought many of her samples, many of which were embroidered. She had many beautiful examples. I got to see quilts squares that I had made for our community squares put into a finished quilt. It was pretty powerful to see. It is my second year in the guild, so it was the first time I had been involved in the community quilts. Then the woman who does block of the month used one of my blocks as an example of what she had been receiving. This year for block of the month we are creating one large quilt to donate and as part of it, there are many stars blocks. I did also agree to do the newsletter for the guild next year. Finally, I also won our 50/50 draw this month. I will get to spend the money this weekend when I attend a quilt show.

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angela said...

What a fun win - fabric money! I've just started looking for a local guild, your meeting sounds fun.