Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where is my quilt?

Last night, when I was lying down with my children to put them to bed, I had brought up my lap quilt to put over us. No, my son said I don't want the quilt on me. Fine, I say then there is more for your sister and me. His sister was quite happy with that. Then he says to me, mommy there is still a rectangle of the quilt on me. Okay, more effort to get it off of him. Well, the next thing he says is where is my kitty cat quilt? He must have known today was April Fool's Day. His kitty cat quilt is once that I started working on late last year and then put aside because I had others that had to be finished for Christmas. I have half the squares done. It is a mystery quilt pattern I found online. The mystery was already done, so I took a peek at the result. It was done in blues and yellows and it reminded me of this fat quarter collection of blues, greens and browns that I had of cats. I decided to make it for him as an older boy quilt and because he loves our cats so much. Looks like I have a new priority!

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