Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Showers Bring Many Quilts

When it rains it pours ....

Easter turned out to be a big quilting weekend for me. I got two quilts back from Tammy.

These are sneak peeks of the back. I still have to put the binding on.

I got the 1st block of my rainbow swap done.

I am almost done this quilt. I just need to add on some borders.

I also found out that my sister and her husband just bought a house. I had bought material in January to make her a quilt but I was not sure when I should make it, because I had not yet found anything I liked for my brother. Now I have a reason to give her her one without having one ready for him.

I was also waiting for a family friend to have a baby. Her due date was a week ago. Well, the baby has now been born and it's a girl! That means I get to use this quilt kit a bought a few years ago. Instead of red fabric it came with pink. Happy Quilting!