Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Inspiration comes from everywhere. Yesterday, my son was watching one of his Disney shows and it talked about giving Valentine's Day cards when it isn't Valentine's Day. After the show was over, he asked me for a big piece of paper,and asked if he had ever made me a Valentine's Day Card before. I told him yes he had. Then he went up to his room and made this picture for me. I am the one in the brown (I was wearing a brown sweater yesterday) and he is in the blue. At the top there are hearts and stars. His sister got upset that she did not have a card so he made one for her with him and her in the middle. As a mother, I am beaming with pride and as a quilter, I am thinking that is a great border. I guess, you cannot take the quilter out of me! I love how he used the different colours along the sides and kept the red for the top and the bottom. I like how it is a similar to the piano keys but going vertically instead. Now I am trying to figure out a quilt I can make using his idea as a border. I am thinking when I get my squares from the rainbow swap, this is the border I might use.


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my gosh that is just to sweet and yes, a great border idea!!

Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

So cute! Great quilt idea :)

belinda said...

aaauuuughh..what a little sweetie....*LOL*...everything and everywhere I look now a days is inspiration for a quilt!!!
Welcome to blogland...I have been blogging less than a year myself!!