Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friday Night Sew-In

I spent my Friday Night Sew-In watching Friday Night Lights and working on my A Study in Purple quilt. I have it all laid out now.

A Study in Purple

My quilt has more shades of colour than the original pattern. I found it a bit busy to my eye and I knew it would be the same for the recipient.  I decided to have the stars scrappy, but the formation of the border to be the same. It will take longer to make but in the end I think well worth it.

A Study in Purple Block

Check and see what others did for their Friday Night Sew-In.

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Jackie at Adirondack Urban said...

Your purple quilt is looking great so far - so many different purples! I've been wanting to make a purple quilt for a while now and this is great inspiration.