My first quilt

Camille and Carrie are having a parade of quilts where people show their first quilt and the latest they have finished as well as talk about something they have learned along the way. You need to let them know that you are going to be doing this and they will post a list of links on Monday.

Here is my first quilt on my own but technically, my second. My first was a fall wall hanging taken as a class, but all of the work including cutting and fabric selection had already been done. This picture was taken many years after it was completed when it was being brought back to me for repairs on the binding. I made it 9 years ago for my nephew. It still is one of my favourite quilts. I picked out the pattern and the fabric. I knew what I wanted it to look like and the women at the quilt store helped me with colour. It was an odd size in that it was just a few inches wider than the width of fabric. It was suppose to have another border added on to it but since I had no idea at the time about piecing backs, I left the last border off. It was quilted using stitch in the ditch with invisible thread. Now my nephew would like a red and orange quilt.

Here is the latest quilt that I have worked on. How times have changed. Because of my attempt at saving time, I ended up recreating this pattern on my own. There were suppose to be 5 strips in a block and I now have 4 strips. All of the corner, and side setting triangles were calculated by myself (thank goodness for tutorials on the Internet) and I added the border to make it bigger. I had it machine quilted by Tammy, because I have learned that 1) I don't have time for everything 2) I am not very good at it yet and therefore don't like doing it 3) I hate basting. I have also learned that I still love a lot of colour but I don't like the scrappy quilts where you are suppose to use only a few fat quarters and then have to arrange them so none of the same touch each other. It takes me along time to arrange them to get them that way. That is one of the reasons I love jelly rolls. 4o different fabrics, a bit of background fabric and you have a great quilt.


jaybird said…
thanks for sharing your first one!! i have a pattern similar to that one and have always wanted to make it... but oh well hasn't happened yet... and you know i love you new one!!
Chase said…
you have nice quilts! thanks for sharing
Bowlby said…
Lovely quilts! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who hates basting...

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