Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a diference .....

a day makes. I took Thursday off. I have been really sick for 2 weeks and decided I needed a day to rest and relax. It was great. I worked on 3 projects simultaneously.

The quilt for my dad. I only have a few more squares to do. No, I will not be giving it to him for Father's Day. Unfortunately, being sick got in the way of getting it done. His birthday is in October so it will be definitely done for then.

I am also trying to catch up on the 9 patch quilt along. Here is what I have so far.

I also started putting my zigzag quilt together. I did something which worked well for me, so I thought I would share it with you. I have an odd shaped sewing room. It is an extension to the house, meant to be an extra bedroom on the main floor. There are two doors going into, as it also has an ensuite bathroom, a large window and 2 closets. In other words very little wall space. I have my design wall set up in the basement. When I first started putting this quilt together, a month ago I ended up getting a bunch of the squares in the wrong place because I was bringing them up a few at a time from the basement. The project then got left for a while because I had other things to work on. This time what I did was took the picture I had taken of the quilt and printed it off from my computer. Now when I have taken the squares off the wall, I have something to refer to do to make sure I have done it right.


angela said...

Wow, you were productive! Those squares look great. I have a bento box that needs some work, too.

I also take photos of layouts as well as fabric combinations as I'm starting a quilt. Otherwise I WILL forget how it went!

jaybird said...

i love productive days! i can't wait to see you dad's quilt all together... and i'm trying to catch up on my nine patches too!

Myra said...

Good thinking with the photo... And I am sure you get lots of exercise going back and forth!
My friend has very little wall space where she sews also. She made a folding/traveling display wall that can hang from hooks over a doorway where she is sewing...Perhaps an option for you?