Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Freedom ...

Sort of. I have no due dates for quilting this week. In many ways my quilting is like a second job for me. I had something that I thought I needed to get done this week, but it turns out I don't. I feel so free, plus I just got EQ6. I could spend the week playing with it. On top of all this my dh is refinishing our deck this weekend and has arranged for the kids to be with my parents. I am going to be having my own quilting retreat and there is a shop hop this weekend! I do however have things coming up in the next couple of weeks. So here is my list for the rest of June. Much like the Spring to Finish I will let you know at the end of the month how I do.

  1. Finish Spring Blooms Mini-Quilt Swap DONE
  2. Finish putting together ZigZag quilt
  3. Do my colour blocks for the 4SQS summer block swap
  4. Start working on my pincushion for the swap
  5. Make a test starry web block
  6. Keep working on my dad's quilt. DONE
  7. Catch up on the 9 patch quilt a long.
  8. Put the binding on my Spring Meadow Quilt.
Not too long of a list, right! ;-) There are still 3 weeks left in June. I hope you are having a great day.


Barbie said...

Great idea to make a list - good luck! I have to catch up on my nine-patches too.

Ariane said...

I hope to make the shop hop this weekend too. I'm not sure how it will go, but I will try. I still have so many projects to finish too. But a little bit at a time. I'll get it done. I also wanted to wish you a late Happy Birthday as well!!! :o)

angela said...

Sounds like a fun week ahead with the shop hop and some quilt designing! I like your to do list idea - I should make one to keep myself on track!

Myra said...

Have fun playing with your EQ6! 8-)
I think I am all caught up with you now. 8-)