Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shop Hop

Here are my treasures from my weekend Shop Hop. I did not have an opportunity to get to all of the quilt stores. but I did manage to get to quite a few. As I have said before I am a project girl, but as always I do have lots of projects.

1) I got a wall hanging kit. It uses Aviary fabric
2) I bought some Williams Inn fabric to go with a pattern I bought at another store.
3) The black fabric is for my Halloween swap.
4) The burgundy and grey fabrics will be a wall hanging for my boss. She is leaving to move to a different part of the organization and I hope to get something done for her in time.
4)The orange fabric may be for part of my 4SQS colour block. As well I have been collecting oranges to make a quilt.
5) I bought a layer cake pattern which is really cute. They look a little like wrapped presents. It is to go with the layer cake I bought from the quilt show. I have a friend who will be retiring soon and the quilt is for her.
6) The cream colour fabric is one which I have been looking forever for. It goes with a quilt that I have been working on for my mom, but I need some more of it. I was so excited to find it.
7) The reds are for my colour blocks and possibly a Valentine's quilt.
8) The blues are for my sister's quilt and the crazy curves template goes with the larger one that I have.

Finally, I thought the dress pattern fabric was just so cute and the thread catcher is for me. I already have one but my daughter uses it all the time, so now I have my own. Buying for projects is great. It keeps me more focused, but it also makes me feel that I am so far behind. How do you shop for fabric?


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

How do I shop for fabric? I do both; for a project and just because! I love what you got, I hope I get some of your orange colorblocks, I seem to have fallen in love with orange! It sure looks like you had fun!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Shop Hop is this week here. I wish I had more time to hit more stores. But it is a busy week. I love seeing what everyone gets at shop hop. It is fun.