Friday, January 9, 2015

Year in Review

1. Pinky Owl, 2. Woodland Trails, 3. Rainbow Bright, 4. Flurry, 5. "C The Tulips", 6. My Three Hearts, 7. Christmas countdown, 8. Christmas tree, 9. Boxy Pencil Case, 10. Star Pencil Case, 11. Pencil Case Pouches, 12. Sock Monkey Pencil Case, 13. Cable Socks, 14. Striped Socks, 15. Mug Rug, 16. Potholders, 17. Poinsettia table runner, 18. Halloween table runner, 19. Poinsettia Christmas Runner, 20. Owl be waiting

I had a good year in terms of getting my projects done. I stuck to my objective of focus for the year, and worked on projects until they were completed. I did not start too many new projects and most of those I got done. As always looking back on the year I accomplished more than I realized. I hope to continue that trend this year too!

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