Friday, January 16, 2015

If the socks fits it's a labour of love! - On The Needles

Striped Socks

I had to buy some new socks for myself this week and found quite a few for 50% off costing me less than 75 cents each.  It made me realize and appreciate how much work and effort go into knitting a pair of socks. Much more than the cost of 75 cents. I finished up these socks for my son for Christmas and he loves them so much. I am appreciate too that I have people to knit and sew for who in return appreciate me back. It's definitely a labour of love which I am happy to do!

Bright Striped Socks

This is the one that I am working on now for my daughter. She is as bright and amazing as these socks!

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Michelle Ford said...

I have some of that yarn is my stash. Alot of the bright ones actually. On my bucket list for now.

Paula, the quilter said...

Wow! Now that is a really bright yarn!

Cathy said...

That yarn is so much fun!!

Ariane said...

I'm sure your daughter is going to love these socks. I wish I could knit. But, I'm terrible at it. I'll stick with quilting. Lol! Now I just have to get my groove back.