Cactus Wreath - Work in Progress Wednesday

Catcus Wreath

I have all the blocks done for my Cactus Wreath and now I need to put them together. Probably my least favourite part about quilting is trying to organize the blocks and arrange them in a pleasing way. I tend to save some scraps or extra bits in case I find I have a few blocks that are too similar.

 Bright Striped Socks

I have also started working on socks for my daughter. I love the brightness and boldness of the colour. Socks are so nice to work on. Even doing a bit at a time makes you feel like you are getting somewhere.

Linking to The Needle and Thread Network and Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.


Kim said…
Gorgeous quilt! Visiting from Freshly Pieced.
Stunning....Very eye catching! Popping over from Freshly Pieced, too.
Ariane said…
Love how your quilt is coming along! It's going to be beautiful.
Darlene said…
Beautiful quilt!
Kate said…
Winter just asks for bright colours!
QuiltSue said…
Your cactus wreath looks great and the socks are lovely and cheerful and they are definitely bright.
Happy Turtle said…
Oooooh! That looks so interesting!

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