I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I found out that my sister-in-law is going to have a baby. She is not going to find out what it is. My mind started to whirl, thinking about the possibilities. I realized that I have this :


or I could use this:

or this for a boy:


or this:

Jacob's Ladder 

New life is so exciting when the possibilities seem endless. I think I am going to put more possibilities into my life. I hope you will do!


Darlene said…
Woohoo!!! Very exciting news.
Ariane said…
That's so exciting!! So many possibilities!!!
Michele Pacey said…
Congratulations Michelle!

And yes, any of those would work beautifully!
CitricSugar said…
Excuses to make many quilts? Yay!

Congrats on the impending little one! That's fantastic.

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