Friday, May 11, 2012

I found Love!

I am having heart palpitations right now! It must be love! I was just pulling out fabrics to make a pencil case for a birthday party my daughter is going to tomorrow. The theme is Under The Sea, so I was going through my children's novelty fabrics to see if I had anything that would work. Suddenly I saw a little piece of Aster Manor peeking out from the fabrics. I am good at organizing my fabric so I started to pull it out to put it where it should go, and then realized that it was my missing Love Is blocks! (They have been missing for months.) I am so thrilled! If I did not have so many quilting things to get done already this weekend, I would start on them right away.

Here is a pencil case that I made for a birthday party that my daughter went to last month.

I am glad that my daughter was happy with it, and wanted me to make another, or it may have been a long time before I found Love!

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CitricSugar said...

Yay! I remember how upset you were when you thought you lost them. Great news!

Now - help me find my quilt labels. :-)