Friday, July 6, 2018

Quilters : The Next Generation

 Last month, the Quilt Guild that both myself and my daughter belong to had a quilt show and my daughter and son both had quilts in the show. My son's quilt was entered in the Youth Category. His was the only quilt in the Youth Category so he also won Best in Show for it.

 Along with the sewing, he picked out the pattern and chose all of the fabrics. He went with me to quilt stores and picked out green and blue fat quarters that he liked. He also chose which blue and green fabrics would go together to make the blocks. I am so proud of him for his accomplishment. He saw a quilt that he really liked at the quilt show and has decided that he would like to make it. It is a queen size quilt and I have the pattern for it. Myself, my daughter and him spent some time buying some fabrics in the colours that he would like to use to make the quilt at the quilt show.

My daughter made this quilt in a month. In October, there was a fabric sale at our guild of metres of fabric.  She bought the background fabric and over Thanksgiving we had a mini retreat and she got most of the top done. She is the youngest member of the guild. She has been using this quilt as her summer quilt to sleep under and I am so proud to see her use something that she has made. She is already a quarter of the way through her next quilt and I hope that we will get to quilt over the summe together.

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Bobbi @ Snowy Days Quilting said...

These quilts are both so cool! I love both of them in completely different ways. The one your son made looks like something my hubby would like. How old are the kiddos? It's wonderful that quilting is something you can share with them.

Sylvia said...

How wonderful to share your hobby with some of the people closest to you! And they are amazing quilters. You must be a good teacher.

Louise said...

I love that your kids are quilting! What a super family hobby. And they are clearly very, very good at it! :)

Andree G. Faubert said...

Both quilts are lovely. You must be one proud mother! It's great that you have this to share with your children.

canuckquilter said...

Two beautiful quilts. How lovely that your kids quilt too. My daughter made one, but didn't catch the bug :(