Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Arithmetic Plus

I have seen this quilt given a few different names such as Modern Plus and Arithmetic. I am making it for a friend who taught Math and recently retired. I am using a couple of patterns to put it together.  In Color Order's Modern Plus quilt tutorialModern Plus Sign Quilts, and some great suggestions to put it together faster by Crazy Mom Quilts. I am really enjoying this quilt because I have not been overthinking it. I did not layout out all of the quilt, just started putting a few rows together, then sewing them, and then choosing more colours for the next rows. I am not sure yet how big it will be or what it will look like. This is a quilt I would enjoy making again.

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karenbbsnow said...

The plus quilts are so fun and easy to make. I've made several already and keep coming back for more. Looking forward to seeing yours done. I'm also from Ontario, so nice to follow quilters from all over the world, but always a treat to find others from my area here.

Louise said...

That's a great approach to this quilt! Relaxed and fun. It must be working, because you've got wonderful colors with great contrast between the pluses :)