Monday, November 20, 2017

Get A Clue with Nancy Drew

I have been doing some thinking lately about friendship and what it entails. It can have its trials and tribulations like anything else but it also brings much joy, support and caring. I know I have good friends who help me get through the darker days and brighten up the lighter ones. One of my good "friends" since childhood has been Nancy Drew. She taught me about independence, bravery, intelligence, loyalty and friendship. She showed me that curiousity is a good thing.  To this day, she is a part of my life.

I had cut out the squares to start on my quilting retreat but I ended up completing my Snowmen Stars. Thinking about friendship reminded me of this quilt and I decided to get it out and work on it. Through thick and  thin Nancy Drew has always been there for me.

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Jocelyn Thurston said...

Lovely quilts and what a great sentiment!

Lynette said...

Nancy Drew was a great friend of mine, too. I saved my pennies for those Scholastic Books pamphlets so I could order every one of the Nancy Drew books, and then I was glued to them as soon as they arrived - reading as I walked home, nose-in-book in the patio room, oblivious to everything around me until the mystery was concluded. . . Good memories. :)