Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Well, I am happy to report I am getting smarter in my older age. I had 2 dates set aside with a quilter. One was for my dad's quilt and the other one was originally meant for my friend who is retiring. I had bought a layer cake for her quilt, but I was not sure I was happy with it. Then I thought I should make a Christmas/winter quilt since I have never made one of those. Finally I smartened up and realized the quilt I should get finished was the one for my son. It was a completed quilt top. I had already made my husband, my daughter and myself quilts this year, so it will be nice to have one for him too.

This means I get to play around and have fun. Other than my Christmas swap I have no pressures on me for the next 2 months. I decided to work on some of my winter/Christmas quilts and just enjoy myself.


Here is my Winter Wonderland quilt. I got the fabric last year for Christmas from my parents. My mom and I had been to a quilt lecture in the fall organized by my LQS. One of the stores had a sample of this quilt and the fqs. The pattern was a free download from
I immediately fell in love with it. Snowmen are my favourite. You can keep them up so much longer than Christmas items. I hurried home at lunch today to finish the last few blocks so I could show you.

I have also started working on my Sheri Berry Christmas quilt. I am doing stars, but I have not figured out a pattern yet. I also have my half-square triangles done for my pinwheel quilt. I just need to sew them together.

Happy Creating,


Ariane said...

It looks great. I love the fabrics.

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see the quilt you did for your son. Thanks for the info. on the free pattern, I'm going to go download it now.

call me crazy said...

Very cute! I love snowmen too. :) Lucky you to have no pressure for 2 months!~ I over committed, but hope to catch up by the end of this month! ;)

angela said...

I love snowmen, too! That's a cute quilt. Oh, and I'm so excited that we're in the Bee together. It's gong to be a fun group!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Cute quilt! I love snowmen too. It's nice to have something that can be left out past Christmas.

Myra said...

Great fabrics! Love the prints! 8-)

Mary said...

It's very cute -- but your finishing up this one for your son reminds me that I owe Keith a new quilt and I've been putting it off for months. One of these days I'm going to have to get it started.