Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fast Foward

Sometimes it feels as though life is in fast forward. It feels as though it was only yesterday that my friends were talking about their children getting through high school and university and now many of my friends are becoming grandparents. I saw my friend last week, who just had a her first grandchild - a boy. Of course my first thought was a quilt. I was at one of my favourite quilt stores last week and they had this really cute bundle of 2 1/2 strips by Riley Blake called On The Go.

I loved the fabric and then went home to find a pattern. Finding a pattern went quicker then I thought. I found the pattern Fast Forward by one of my favourite quilt designers - Jaybird Quilts. I started on the blocks last week and then used the Friday night Sew-In to finish the blocks and now need to add the background fabric to them.

This pattern has gone together so quickly and has been lots of fun. It reminds me of my children who are growing up so fast. I swear I just bought them new clothes but when I turn around the clothes are too small, or they've gotten too tall to wear them. Yesterday we went to a quilt show and had a wonderful time. Then we went and did our annual Spring clothing shop day. It was a wonderful day, and though I know things have to move forward, I hope they don't have to move fast forward!

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