Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Forward Momentum

Striped Socks

I have started getting my momentum back. The first sock was done in a week and a half.   That is pretty fast for me, considering the limited amounts of time that I have. It always seem to take the longest to get started, but once you do the ball keeps rolling! (Pun intended)! It feels like that is the same with life as well. I am looking forward to taking a break at Christmas and having time to spend with my children in our homemade socks.

My son bought this bag for me at his school with his own money. He gave it to me last week and I love it. It fits my sock project perfectly. My children are very thoughtful. Life is good!

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Annette Schultz said...

the bag looks perfect.... love those moments when the kids make us smile
in stitches

Carla said...

Sock knitting is so relaxing isn't it? You can finish up im sure. A week and a half is great speed. I'm not very fast at the socks

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Great socks. Sitting around in your socks enjoying Christmas sounds wonderful.