Pinky Owl

Pinky Owl

For the Blogger's Quilt Festival I am entering My Pinky Owl quilt into the Scrappy Quilt category. All of the pinks for the quilt came for my stash. Pink is my favourite colour, but I must admit I still had more pinks than I thought. This is going to someone who had a big influence in my daughter's life. I had so much fun putting this together and seeing the Owl come to life.

Pinky Owl

Quilt size:  48 X 56
Pattern:     Hootenanny by Boo Davis
Pieced :     by me, Quilted by Tammy Spencer
Category:  Scrappy Quilts 

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tubakk said…
What a fun quilt. There should be a category for fun quilts too.
Robin said…
The quilting around the eyes totally makes this design come to life! Such a fun and happy quilt. You did a fabulous job! :)
Hilary Florence said…
What an unusual and original way to use scraps!
Joanne Grimes said…
owls are sooo cute and yet so deadly to their prey! Although I have yet to see a pink owl in the wild. Great quilt!

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