Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow

As part of my Drop and Give Me Twenty for February, I got this quilt top done. I had the sections done last year but had not put them together. As always I really like this. I liked the pattern when I first saw it but I was not sure about the white, since I have never liked making quilts with lots of white in them. I think all of the colours really help. I am calling it Reading Rainbow because it reminds me of books on a shelve and my local library's logo.This is a quilt that I will happily be keeping with me when it is all finished.

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Micki P said…
turned out great. White is a new concept for me also. I have been using it more and more with bright colors.
Snowcatcher said…
I think it's amazing and beautiful. My eyes are so drawn to the rainbows. Just beautiful!
Lynn White said…
Wow, that looks so good. Fossil fern is such a versatile fabric and the range of colours is just wonderful.
M-R Charbonneau said…
That is gorgeous, Michelle. I love how the colours overlap each other. Beautiful!

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