Monday, December 10, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Zigzag


This quilt can now be finally off of my Design Wall. I finished the top this weekend. I had it on my Design Wall for so long, and eventually I needed the space so I took it off the wall, earlier this year. I was not sure it it was ever going to get finished. My daughter was quite impressed when I told her that I had designed the quilt myself. She told me that it was really cool that no one else would have the same quilt and that she wanted to buy it. She offered me 25 cents, and then told me that her final offer was 45 cents. She is such a sweetie. Check out what others have going on at Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times.


Shellie said...

Congratulations on finishing the top. I love the color layout. Too cute about your daughter's offer to buy the quilt.

mascanlon said...

Great quilt, I just love blue but don't have a single quilt done with it. And how could you turn down such a sweet offer? Adorable when kids understand how unique your work is.

Anonymous said...

So cool that this is a quilt! At first glance I thought crochet.

Unknown said...

yay for a finish! way to go Michelle!