Friday Night Sew-In

I had an enjoyable Friday Night Sew-In. I worked on the piano key border for my quilt that was on my UFO list last year. I like how the border enhances the quilt but I miss seeing more of the tulip fabric from the collection. I must say that this UFO Challenge has become an addiction. There are times when I want to start a new quilt but then I remember all the quilts still waiting for me, so I choose one of  those instead.


Nicole said…
Starting a new project is so much fun. Kudos to you for sticking to the UFO challenge. There's nothing like the feeling of a finished project!
susie said…
O I love it! The fabric is really pretty and I've always liked that block. You did good, working on this before starting something new. Happy Stitching! i'll see you again soon :)
Beautiful quilt. :) I totally understand...there are so many quilts I want to start or fabric I want to buy for new projects...but I have to make myself stop and finish what I've started. It's so hard!
Ariane said…
I love it! It's looking great!! You are almost done this top. Keep at it!!!
Wow that's gorgeous ! I love it.
Terry said…
Good for you working on your UFOs! This one is beautiful! :0)
Janet said…
Love your soft colours. This quilt is worth finishing!

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