So close

My zigzag quilt is so close to having all of its blocks done. Once I decided not to have it finished for Christmas it got set aside while I worked on some other projects and then I got busy with my 2012 UFO Challenge. Today I was so tempted to start working on a new quilt, I even got out some fabric and petted it lovingly but decided I needed the zigzag quilt off of my design wall. I am very spoiled in that I have two design walls, but it would be great to use that space for other things. Check out what others have done at WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread Network.


Kirsten N said…
Love the blue zig zags - I should make one of these for my son.
Linda said…
Your zigzag is wonderful! Love it.
Mary Ann said…
It will be lovely when it's finished.
Regina said…
The problem with having two, or even three, design walls is the same as having one: they get filled.....nature abhors a vacuum,and she sees design walls especially well.
Your quilt will be very nice.
Sheila said…
Great quilt , I am tempted to give this one a try, great job!

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