Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bee Beautiful

My December Bee Beautiful Blocks are done, and with that the Bee comes to a close. I learned so much from this group and had a wonderful time making all the blocks. It will be exciting to put my Dresden Plate quilt together once I get all the blocks. Thank you to everyone who was a member.

1. Dresden Plate Block, 2. August Bee Beautiful Block, 3. July Bee Beautiful, 4. June Bee Beautiful Blocks, 5. May Bee Beautiful, 6. April - Bee Beautiful, 7. March Bee Beautiful Block, 8. March Bee Beautiful Block, 9. Bee Beautiful Charity Blocks, 10. For Rachel, 11. January Bee Beautiful, 12. January Bee Beautiful, 13. September Bee Beautiful, 14. November Bee Beautiful Blocks, 15. November Bee Beautiful Block, 16. November Bee Beautiful Block, 17. December Bee Beautiful, 18. December Bee Beautiful


Barb said...

Love the blocks!!

Ariane said...

I love your blocks!!!

Michele Pacey said...

Gorgeous! You must feel so great to have this Bee under your belt. So cool and good for you! You have yet another finish!

Myra said...

Looking great Michelle!!! Isn't it great when a project comes to a close, and you can recount the fun it was!?! 8-)