Friday, June 11, 2010

Plan B

I had to do some Plan "B"ing on Wednesday. I was making a quilt where the borders had part of the quilt pattern. Somehow some of the pieces I cut were too short and I had to scrap the border completely changing the design. I am still happy with out it is turning out. That's what I like about quilting. How many life lessons can be learned from it. Sometimes a Plan B can be better than a Plan A, and sometimes a Plan B can make you look great if you don't tell anyone there ever was a Plan A. Oops!

 I did have something to make my Plan "B" ing better. I got my win from Bec Clarke as part of the May Giveaway Day. I got to choose a pendant, and she promised some surprises. Well, the pendant is incredible and the surprises are great. I got a coin purse, an Australian magazine with stitchery and quilting, my new favourite combination, some fabric and a charm pack of Fairy Frost by Michael Miller.

Last week I was trying to frantically get my table runner done for my guild meeting. We had a block swap and I was in 2 groups, brights and country. I decided to try something that I had never done before by making it 2 sided, with the bright side for spring and summer and the country side for fall.. For a while I thought I might need to Plan B it to, but it turned out okay.  It turned out okay but I was finishing it up 5 minutes before I had to leave for the meeting. I had some extra batting hanging out of it, and when I went to cut it I ended up cutting a hole in the binding instead. I stitched it up anyhow, and hid it behind Ariane's amazing bags at the meeting. 

The meeting was supposed to be the last on the executive as the newsletter editor. I told my husband to stop me from signing up for anything else for the executive and I ended up becoming the webmaster. So much for Plan A, again! Luckily, my dh knows me well enough and is supportive enough to laugh at me when I told him.


mascanlon said...

I have to say though that I did start to enjoy most of my projects more when I was selective about saying "No!"

Marjorie said...

I often get to plan "C" before it all comes together.

Tammy in Ontario, Canada said... your table runner(s). happy web-mastering:)
In case you are reading this...I will be at the store this morning with your quilt.

Michele said...

your table runner looks great Michelle! it worked out beautifully!

Lee said...

table runner is great, must try that some time. thank goodness for plan B as sometimes nothing would get done in this house with out it

Mary said...

And here I thought we were the only ones with Plan A and B.It is always good to have the option.
Love your table runner.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

When I taught my class last week I tried to let the women know that - sometimes it is ok to make a mistake and go with it or take another direction that originally planned. We all really do too much, too I think. We need to do less.