Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Interlocking Chains

With the help of my son, I got all my blocks completed for the Interlocking Chains quilt.

Now it is all laid out and I will double check it before starting to sew. I am hoping to sew this all at once since there are so many blocks and I don't want to mess up the pattern. The blocks went together quickly and I am fascinated with the striking outcome. These would not be my colours but as always I like how quilting expand my tastes and love of different colours. My daughter has told me she would like me to make this quilt for her as well. This one, once completed will be going to one of my son's favourite teachers.

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Ariane said...

This is such a great pattern! It looks amazing!!

Louise said...

Wow, this is neat! I like how you didn't fill the entire space with the chains, but left the corners open. That makes the chain part more interesting, I think. Was that part of the original pattern, or your own design decision?

Sewmotion said...

Whoa, that looks so complicated!! Good luck with the piecing, and I look forward to seeing it complete.