Interlocking Chains

I started on another quilt last week. This quilt is for someone special in my children's lives. Her favourite colours are black and white. I have never worked in just these colours before and I have to say that I love them. They have spark and vibrancy. My children are going to help me sew it, but I have to admit I got carried away and did a bunch more squares than planned. I love making quilts for others for this very reason. I never thought blue and orange were so beautiful until I made my niece's quilt and now I am in love with black and white. I would love to make this quilt for myself. Once again quilting has given me so much more than I give away.

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Louise said…
At first, I thought you had converted a photo to black and white from color! Looking forward to seeing more of this quilt. I don't have much black and white fabric in my stash, but the few times I've used it, I've really liked the results.

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