Briar Rose

Briar Rose

My quilt top for Briar Rose is now done and I need to decide if I am going to add borders. My blocks are bigger than the original pattern so I am going to play around with ideas for the borders, or perhaps no borders. I love the fact that other than the background, this is a completely scrappy quilt. I have definitely been drawn to scrappier quilts lately. This had originally started out as a baby quilt, but now I think it has become a quilt for myself.

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Sue Daurio said…
Love the pattern and I really like it with the bigger blocks. Are these 3.5 in squares?
Bonnie said…
I've seen this pattern (or maybe just a similar one) done in controlled colors. But I really like this scrappy version. I have this thing that I think white on the outside is just begging to get dirty. I probably would put some sort of border on it. Try auditioning different fabric and see if you like the way it looks.
beth said…
What a beauty!
sewyouquilt2 said…
so so pretty. i have the start of one but I have 20 blocks. guess I better start putting it together before I have the worlds largest quilt! LOL
Julie said…
I love your fabric! The scrappy look is controlled, and the blues and oranges set it off. I wouldn't be terribly afraid of white on a quilt. Just don't be afraid of throwing it in the washer to keep it looking fresh. And, eat your chocolate somewhere else! : )

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