Spools of Friendship

I am so happy to have this finished. My Spools quilt, now called Spools of Friendship is finally done. It was put into my quilt show last week using Boutique fabric by Chez Moi a favourite of mine. The spools of friendship remind me of the threads that bind us together as quilters and the threads of friendship that bind me together with the people who support and appreciate my quilting.  It started 3 years ago as a quilt along with Nicole of Sister's Choice Qults, Thelma of Cupcakes 'n' Daisies and Lisa of Stashmaster  for the Spools pattern by Camille of Thimble Blossoms. I changed the arrangement of the Spools a little bit, and then it sat for a couple of years while I tried to decide if I want to add another border. The original pattern had the simple white border, but I kept feeling like something needed to be added to it until late last year, when I decided that done and loved, was better than perfect. I am looking forward to using this, but with the heat and humidity we have had lately it may be a while. I still have some scraps left of this fabric and will definitely be making another quilt using them.

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What a great pattern to show off your scraps!
laura black said…
Wow what a fun quilt one more quilt to add to my list!
Terry said…
Your spools quilt is beautiful! :0)
Ramona said…
This is the prettiest spool quilt I have seen. Beautiful!
The wait sure paid off -- your spool quilt is just beautiful. I'm loving all the colors and the fabric choices within the spool are delightful!! Congrats on an awesome finish.
mascanlon said…
Such a pretty quilt! And yes, I have been thinking more and more lately that done is better!
Myra said…
Oh I like that!! Very nice, and what fun!!

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