Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Getting My Loonies Worth

These two loonies represent something special to me. They mean I sold something I made. I am not sure if I have ever sold anything before. Selling my items has never been a huge inceptive to me to craft. I understand that I am never going to get the real value for what is made, so I have always preferred making things for the ones I love and care about. There can be exceptions to the rule, and my son's teacher from last year asked me to make her son a pencil case. I had made her one last year as a thank you gift. She said that her son liked navy blues or blacks, and I found some great fabric in my stash.

Star Pencil Case

I decided to charge her the $2.00 for the price of the zipper. I did not want to charge a lot as she has been a wonderful teacher to my son, but it did seem fair to charge something. In some ways the loonies represent the same as the $1 bills you see, or use to see in Canada at stores for their first dollar made. I am very proud that someone was willingly to buy my work but I definitely am not planning on making a habit of it.

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barb's creations said...

Love the pencil case and yes I totally agree with what you're saying in never getting your money's worth if you sell your handmade things and like you I prefer to give them away as gifts to family and friends instead :) Barb.