Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh The Allure!

Oh, the allure of a new project! I think it is so enticing because you get to start fresh ; no mistakes have been made. Everything looks perfect and there is always the hope that nothing will go wrong. Normally, I start a new quilt every summer but I thought I would be able to resist this summer but I was incorrect.

I bought this fabric in June at a quilt show. I had originally intended the majority of it for a watermelon log cabin quilt but the pattern called for smaller sized strips, and I was not sure if I wanted to cut them all individually. I remembered a pattern I have had for quite a while that used the 2 1/2 strips. I have really enjoyed making the Cozy quilt patterns. I find them intricate but not too difficult to do.


I did have some greens in my stash but decided I wanted to add some more variety. I used a gift certificate from work to buy some more of the greens. New fabric is always part of the allure as well!

For me, one of the longest steps, but one of the most important is the cutting. Everything is ready to go! I think the hopes, and dreams of a quilter should be bottled and called Allure! It would definitely be a beautiful scent!


Suze said...

I love the Cactus Wreath. My grandmother used to be blooming cactus plants. They were beautiful and the pattern and your finished block capture the essence of them. Thanks for including the pattern name along with your post.

beaquilter said...

Ohhh THIS pattern- I was going backwards on posts and saw the blocks, and remember this one mini quilt I quilted for a friend a few years ago- it was THIS one :) it's a cute quilt..