Easily Fixed!

Woodland Trails

Well, I got my Woodland Trails quilt fixed and sent off to the quilter's this weekend. It is made from Jaybird Quilts' Northern Light pattern.  I had put in one row slanting the wrong way, and only realized when I went to cut the sides to make it a rectangle. I thought that I may have to take out all the rows after it, but I only had to take out the one row, and then sew it to the end. I am so thrilled with it. My son nudged me to get it done because it is for his Cub Scout leader who has been a big part of his life for the past few years. I was happy to oblige him.

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CitricSugar said…
Gotta love it when the fix is just one row!
QuiltSue said…
It looks great, and how wonderful that you only had to sort out one row.
Thank goodness for an easy fix - looks great!
I just love this...great color
Ginette said…
This is lovely! Great choice of fabrics!
Barb said…
Just awesome..glad it was an easy fix.

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