WIP Wednesday - Twisting


I always seem to quilt better when I have something to watch. I have taken out the Pillars of the Earth DVD set from the library and have been enjoying it. I started working again on my daughter's Twister quilt. I have learned from experience not to leave a project too long or the possibility exists of me losing pieces. My daughter saw me working on it last night and told me that she really liked it. She asked me who it was for, and I said, it's for you. She told me that she really liked it, even it was not for her, but the really like it part was in hope that it was for her. She is so sweet! Linking to WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread Network.


Magpie Quilts said…
I've been seeing this twister pattern more and more recently - love your version!
CitricSugar said…
Bonus when they like before they find out it's for them! It's gorgeous.
Lee D said…
looking good so far. I have the ruler but have yet to start a quilt using it. How is it going so far?
Michele Pacey said…
I don't know how you watch something and quilt. You are most talented! If it were me, I'd be sewing my fingers. I'm a one-thing-at-a-time kinda girl. Terrible at multi-tasking, just awful at it! :)

Love the quilt!
It's a really pretty quilt Michelle! I watched Pillars Of The Earth on demand also while quilting. I loved it, it's really true to the book. Have you read it?
Regina said…
Your daughter is very lucky that you are making such a nice quilt for her!

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