The Basket

I got the basket Saturday from the quilt store and it was well worth the drive. I found out the number of spools was 1113, and I had guessed 1111. My daughter's reward for having a great favourite number, was getting some buttons. It's a great store, and of course I had to look around for a bit.

They were selling the laminate fabric I have heard and seen so much about so I got some of that.

They also had some great watermelon pincushions on display so I got a kit to make those too. It is really hard to go into a quilt store and not want to buy everything. Now, as always I need to find the time to make these things!


Sherry said…
Visiting a quilt store is my favorite thing to do when I have a little free time. Of course I can't leave without finding a treasure or two to take home. The basket looks like fun.
Ariane said…
Oh what a great prize!!! You should let your daughter guess more often!!
Darlene said…
Fabulous prize! Enjoy and give your daughter a huge hug. :-)
Michele Pacey said…
Cool! Look at all that loot. Congrats Michelle!
CitricSugar said…
Great basket! Yay for you!

And rare is the visit to the quilt shop where I leave empty-handed. I think once is the only time I've managed it.
Cheryl said…
My package arrived this morning...LOVE IT!!! I will be posting later. What a great basket you won. Again, thanks so much!!!!
Denise Russell said…
Oohh... lucky! That laminate is beautiful. Funny thing, I just made a table runner this week using laminates ( Have a great weekend, and I am your newest follower. Maybe you will like my blog and follow me, too! :-)

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